20 Apr 2017

Beyond Horizon 2020 DIGITALEUROPE’s Ideas for the Ninth Framework Programme

Beyond Horizon 2020 DIGITALEUROPE’s Ideas for the Ninth Framework Programme


1. Consider FP9 an evolution not a revolution – building on the successes of Horizon 2020, pursuing further improvements while keeping the overall structure

2. Ensure an appropriate budget for FP9 – including sufficient support for ICT R&I to make the digital transformation of the European Union a success

3. Reinforce the excellent innovation dimension through increased support for the various innovation initiatives and instruments

4. Reduce fragmentation between instruments, especially at the programmatic level, and increase cross cutting activities between the pillars

5. Foster higher industry participation by tailoring obligations and rules to the needs of companies participating in R&I projects – for a vibrant industry eco-system of large companies, SMEs, and start-ups

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