29 Sep 2021

U.S.-EU Trade and Tech Council: setting common standards will deliver on jobs and security

DIGITALEUROPE is pleased with the good start made at today’s first Trade and Technology Council (TTC) meeting. Both sides’ commitment to engage voices from business and civil society across the Atlantic is encouraging. Now the priority must be to find areas of alignment that can help grow our economies, create jobs and forge a safer digital space for all.

Director-General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl – who took part in today’s meeting, said: 

“The TTC needs to be about putting our shared values into practice. Whether on AI, cybersecurity, or creating a safer internet, we need to see alignment of standards. Getting this right is the secret to maintaining an innovative and competitive digital transatlantic economy. This in turn is what will guarantee good, well-paid jobs for our citizens.

Today I told the TTC that if governments have to put their money on one thing, make it digital skills. We want our children to be creators of technology and not just users. We should also be setting targets for boosting the number of experts in fields like cybersecurity, as well as having targeted plans for the digitalising sectors like manufacturing.

On semiconductors, with the announcement of the EU Chips Act we have a huge opportunity to end the shortage. We need to work with the Americans to map out the needs of industry and secure supply chains, and coordinate our actions appropriately.

Finally, it was great to have civil society and politicians in the same room. We now need to see concrete plans to include expert input across all working groups. We stand ready to offer our expertise.”

Chris Ruff
Director for Political Outreach & Communications
Tsai-wei Chao-Muller
Policy Director for Digital Trade Policy & International Affairs
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