22 Sep 2017

Press release-DIGITALEUROPE is preparing ground for the G7 ICT Industry Ministerial

Press release-DIGITALEUROPE is preparing ground for the G7 ICT Industry Ministerial

Together with 15 technology and broader industry advocacy groups in G7 countries, DIGITALEUROPE unveiled a set of recommendations for the Ministers of Industry ahead of the G7 ICT Industry Ministerial taking place in Turin (Italy) on September 25-26. Under the Italian Presidency of the G7, the Industry Ministerial will have a special focus on Industry 4.0.

As highlighted in the report from the European Commission Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship « Accelerating the digital transformation of European Industry and enterprises’, the biggest digital opportunity for Europe lies in the transformation of existing industry and enterprises.

“Advancing good principles at global level on the digital transformation of our industries are critical to ensure the success of G7 economies tomorrow. If digitized, European manufacturing can achieve growth from 15% to 20% by 2030” says Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, DIGITALEUROPE’s Director-General.

The recommendations address global challenges policy makers around the globe are attempting to respond to, and cover areas such as the security of the digital world, privacy of consumers, new business models, the data economy, and the taxation of the digital economy.

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