02 Mar 2021

Joint statement welcoming Visegrad nations leading the way on cross-border digital cooperation

We, DIGITALEUROPE and national ICT associations from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, welcome the recent declaration from the Visegrad nations on digital cooperation.

The Recovery and Resilience Funds represent an unprecedented opportunity for Europe’s digital transformation. Together, we can boost our digital infrastructure, digital skills, support our SMEs, and create a greener, healthier society. Our Digital Investment Plan for Europe provides the blueprint.

Each country is currently in the process of creating its own national plan. However, cooperation in multi-country projects is essential to guarantee that our continent becomes a place where innovative digital businesses can grow and create jobs. Digital technologies know no borders, but fragmentation in European digital policies and investments can make it difficult for companies in Europe to thrive.

The declaration by the Visegrad 4 on digital represents a huge step towards creating a regional digital hub of excellence. We hope that it can serve as inspiration for other Member States and regions to work together to reach our common goals and create a stronger digital Europe.


  • Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl

    Director General, DIGITALEUROPE

  • Gábor Mátrai

    Board Member, IVSZ (Hungary)

  • Andrzej Dulka

    President, PIIT (Poland)

  • Mário Lelovský

    First Vice-President, ITAS (Slovakia)

  • Michał Kanownik

    President, ZIPSEE (Poland)

  • Jarosław Tworóg

    Vice-President, KIGEiT (Poland)

Download the statement (PDF)

Joint statement welcoming Visegrad nations leading the way on cross-border digital cooperation

For more information, please contact:
Chris Ruff
Director for Political Outreach & Communications
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