15 Jan 2020

Future Unicorn Award nominee: Corti

DIGITALEUROPE is proud to introduce Corti, among the selected SMEs to participate in the Future Unicorn Award. This Danish company is driving the digitisation of SMEs and enterprises as an intelligent partner that uses AI to build “a GPS” that guides physicians through patient interviews, making sure they get to the right conclusion fast.

About Corti

Corti builds artificial intelligence-based software, that guides a nurse or physician through a vocal examination of patient, helping the medical professional to diagnose the patient in real-time, with game-changing accuracy.  Medical research conducted by Harbourview Medical Center in Seattle and Copenhagen University in Copenhagen proved that up to 50% of the patient that would otherwise have been misdiagnosed, would now receive the correct treatment in a prehospital setting, where information, time and access is minimal. Misdiagnoses cost society more than $100b a year.

In the end, Corti will not only be helping the medical professionals, but will also be good enough to have conversations directly with patients in many languages (support in 4 today), leveraging millions of data points to come to the best and safest conclusions faster and more accurately than humans would, potentially changing healthcare radically.


  • The Orb: A light in the dark

    Corti’s Orb listens in on emergency calls together with the medical emergency dispatcher and processes everything it hears in real time, empowering the dispatcher to make decisions faster and more accurately.

    As voice data gets processed on Corti’s platform, the Orb sends appropriate prompts and alerts to the dispatcher’s screen.

  • Triage: AI-powered decision making when it counts

    Triage is an intuitive diagnostic assistant, enabling dispatchers through the triaging flow and helps them to improve performance and reduce mistakes.

    Triage listens in on emergency calls and uses the Corti AI to help dispatchers detect acute illnesses. With Corti, dispatchers can reduce the number of undetected out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) by more than 50%.

    The Triage Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to create and visualize your protocols. Emergency departments can easily edit and optimize content for better results.

    Triage can support any protocol, built effortlessly in the Editor. It allows for multiple protocol groups, so your department can switch between content.

  • Review: Learn from the past. Improve the future

    Review automatically organizes emergency call data and saves it for quality improvement. The Corti AI extracts helpful insights from each call and provides overview and training opportunities.

    Review is a highly effective quality assurance platform, providing overview and insights for better, more transparent emergency medical departments.

    Managers can use Corti to automatically flag calls for review based on criteria. Corti continues to learn from each call, using new information such as dispatcher notes and manager comments to improve future detections.


The Orb

To learn more about Corti, visit their website

  • About the award

    The Pan-European Future Unicorn Award aims to highlight innovative SMEs that have the potential to become Europe’s next unicorns. The award is compiled by asking all the national trade associations affiliated with DIGITALEUROPE to nominate a single SME from their country. This results in a truly pan-European selection of incredible digital companies from all sectors.

    The award will be delivered at our flagship event, Masters of Digital, in Brussels on 6 February.

    For more information about the award please contact Yann Finger.

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