16 Feb 2023

DS4Skills launches an Online Inventory to showcase skills data initiatives

The DS4Skills Online Inventory, a new online platform, has been launched to provide a comprehensive and structured overview of existing platforms, services, apps, emerging data spaces, and other initiatives in the skills data domain.

As one of DS4Skills’ key outcomes, the inventory showcases a set of curated initiatives that collect, store and share education and skills data, with a particular focus on platforms for skills for the green and digital transformations.

The Online Inventory offers several benefits to tackle the lack of visibility and fragmentation of existing initiatives in the skills data space. Furthermore, it serves as an important communication tool for the DS4Skills project and all members of the skills data ecosystem, with the expectation of improving the alignment and harmonization across parallel projects in the Digital Europe Programme.

The inventory’s interface is very user-friendly with three interactive functions for users to access data:

  • Discover: allows to browse and filter all initiatives in various categories
  • Relationship: allows to see how everything is tied together and understand the relationship between different functionalities
  • Analysis: allows to find overlaps and differences between different topics and initiatives

The current content of the inventory was gathered via a market scan, consisting of a online survey and desk research on publicly available information about the initiatives. Furthermore, the methodology for categorisation and assessment of existing initiatives in skills and educational data was applied.

New initiatives are recruited constantly with an online submission form within the online platform. Users of the online platform are cordially invited to suggest new initiatives and to add details on the initiatives already incorporated.

Discover the inventory: https://inventory.skillsdataspace.eu/

For more information, please contact:
José Martinez-Usero
Director for Projects
Daniella Manassero-Bernal
Communications Manager for Projects
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