15 Nov 2019

DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the approval of Thierry Breton as Commissioner-designate for internal market

DIGITALEUROPE, the voice of digitally transforming industries in Europe, welcomes the approval of Thierry Breton by the European Parliament as Commissioner-designate for internal market and looks forward to engaging with him in a fruitful dialogue with regard to putting digital transformation at the heart of EU industry policy.

 Thierry Breton was convincing on his expertise and vision concerning his future duties at the Commission. Among other things, DIGITALEUROPE supports his pledge to remove obstacles to the single market, fight against regional protectionisms and invest in critical technologies, such as 5G, 6G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum technology.

Breton is known for his strong views in politics and in business. He has a mix of experience and innovation-friendliness that is needed for the European Commission to deliver on its ambitious agenda, said Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE.

As highlighted in the Commissioner for Internal Market’s mission letter, at the top of this agenda is the development of a future-ready European industry and single market. Europe’s future competitiveness and leadership lies in digital transformation. Hence, a successful strategy begins with tackling fragmentation in the European market to enable all industrial actors to uphold excellence inside and outside the continent.

As a business leader who has run global companies, Mr. Breton knows successful European market regulation and policy require experience from those who create jobs and value in the economy. The EU should be an enabler for companies to scale in a global market, explained Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl.

Designing a concrete governance structure for the EU’s industrial strategy is key to enabling the digitalisation of European industry. DIGITALEUROPE stresses that Europe needs to build on its strengths to develop a “A Stronger Digital Europe” thriving in an open global economy.

DIGITALEUROPE looks forward to engaging with Mr. Breton in a fruitful dialogue to forge a new EU industrial policy with digital transformation at its heart and provide with the best solutions for Europe to continue be innovative and competitive. We wish the new Commissioner-designate all the best, Ms Bonefeld-Dahl added.



Chris Ruff
Director for Political Outreach & Communications
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