26 Jun 2019

DIGITALEUROPE welcomes AI HLEG Recommendations and Piloting Phase

Today, the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence launched two important initiatives. The piloting phase on the Trustworthy AI Guidelines’ has now also formally started.


Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE and co-rapporteur for the governance and regulatory framework chapter, released the following statement: 

The piloting phase for the Guidelines is a true landmark for digital policies. I commend the Commission for the open process to seek concrete feedback on the AI Ethics Guidelines. I strongly urge the Commission to continue applying this inclusive and agile policy making. Only through transparent consultation can Europe stay competitive and maintain high standards of market rules. I encourage institutions, SMEs and companies and others to sign up and give input on the practical use of the Guidelines and assessment list.


The Group has also released its Recommendations for Policy & Investment in Trustworthy AI. These Recommendations outline the steps that policy-makers should take to realize the principles from the Guidelines, as well as boosting the investment, development and uptake of AI in Europe. 

The publication of these Recommendations marks the hard work of a truly diverse multi-stakeholder Expert Group. While DIGITALEUROPE would disagree with some of the recommendations, we fully support the overall approach and are committed to continuing the conversation with stakeholders and policy-makers.


DIGITALEUROPE wishes to highlight a few key recommendations:

  • Improving our labour and education system in Europe. We need to map value chains and forecast the skills and jobs that will be impacted and needed for AI. (recommendation 3.4) 
  • Encouraging also agile policy-making solutions such as regulatory sandboxes. This will lead to innovation and harmonisation of the European market for Trustworthy AI. (recommendation 29.2) 
  • A principle-based approach to regulation based on proportionality and risk, building on existing law applicable to AI. (recommendations 26., 26.4 and 27.1) 
  • Making more data available and accessible. Common EU data-sharing infrastructures and data repositories will stimulate innovation in key public and private sectors, bringing new services and benefits to European citizens and companies. (recommendation 18.3) 
  • Encouraging Member States to define a dedicated investment strategy, leveraging the benefits of the European public sector information and data. (recommendation 31.6)  

We must remember that companies and markets are to a high degree global; we need to work with our partners in other regions to seek harmonised rules set and standard for AI. In order to advance AI, we must also encourage drive and speed in the research, development and use of AI applications and services.

DIGITALEUROPE applauds the work of the High-Level Expert Group, its chairs and secretariat. We look forward to a continued fruitful cooperation, throughout the piloting phase and the development of sectoral recommendations.

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