14 Apr 2021

DIGITALEUROPE highlights stories on innovation from across Europe with Digitally Enlightened series

DIGITALEUROPE launches today “Digitally Enlightened”, our new film series uncovering the stories of European innovators that are using the power of digital to drive positive impact in their community and across our continent.

Produced for DIGITALEUROPE by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, this series of short documentary-style films explores real-life stories that are bridging the skills gap, sustainably transforming our ways of working and living, and strengthening the security of the online environment.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, said:

“We are proud to be launching a series that brilliantly highlights the digital transformation we are seeing across Europe today. Understanding the commitment and drive that’s required by digital innovators to solve society’s challenges will hopefully increase awareness and encourage us to provide the right environment for innovation and collaboration to flourish.”

Simon Shelley, Global Director of BBC Programme Partnerships, part of BBC StoryWorks, said:

“The aim of the Digitally Enlightened series is to explore the profound influence digital innovation has on our health and livelihoods, and to understand the consideration, comprehension and support required for people to embrace digitalisation in Europe. We’re hoping this will be illuminating for audiences, as we continue to tell powerful stories of digital innovation flourishing in society.”


With the pandemic accelerating our collective online shift, digital technologies have been a lifeline for many – allowing us to keep learning, working, and staying connected to what really matters. Amidst the dramatic setback caused by the global crisis, many individual stories of strength and positive innovation have emerged.

“Digitally Enlightened” wants to shed a light on these extraordinary innovators – big and small – that, through the power of digital, are driving our continent forward and helping ensure our future is sustainable and inclusive.

The 13 mini-films making up the “Digitally Enlightened” series have been produced for DIGITALEUROPE by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the commercial content studio of BBC Global News, in collaboration with DIGITALEUROPE members and partners.

The first film of the series, “Coding Classes in Denmark”, was launched as a special preview last year, and was realised with IT-Branchen. The film follows their inspiring programme aiming at familiarising school children with coding, so that they can be not only users but also creators of digital technology.

In the new 12 films launched today, we discover the stories of people reinventing their career through digital, changing our ways of working and living through sustainable digital transformation, and empowering small and large enterprises through strong cybersecurity.

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