22 Oct 2018

DIGITALEUROPE forms a high-level group on Digital Manufacturing

DIGITALEUROPE’s Digital Manufacturing policy advisory group kicked off their activities today in the premises of the Representation of Lower Saxony, where senior representatives of its membership have formed an advisory group to discuss important challenges and opportunities for the EU’s manufacturing sector.

The group inaugural meeting has decided that there is a need to engage European officials in Brussels and across the Member States on issues important to the manufacturing sector as digital technologies offer important opportunities for the future. In recent years digital technologies, from the Internet to AI and IoT, have been transforming the manufacturing sector in Europe with impressive growth rates. According to Eurostat, 1,5 million net new jobs created since 2013 and a 2.7% labour productivity increase per annum since 2009 – higher than the US and Korea.

1.5 million

net new jobs created since 2013

Frank Lubnau, Chief Digital Officer Industrial Technologies Robert Bosch and Issue Leader for the Digital Manufacturing Group said:

“Digital has become increasingly critical for the European Union’s manufacturing sector to compete and be a world leader in the international market. Digital technologies are an important contributor to jobs, growth, skills, and to the creation of a cleaner and circular economy. We look to support the current and next European Commission in realising the potential of our sector.”

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE said:

“DIGITALEUROPE stands firm in our strategy to enhance digitalisation in the manufacturing sector in Europe. We have 40 national associations across the continent and a huge responsibility to drive the growth, reskilling, job creation and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in Europe. Our Digital Manufacturing HighLevel Group represents both industrial and digital companies, and it is exactly this “Cross Sectorial EcoSystem” that will drive the next generation growth and innovation in Digital manufacturing and services. 75% of the growth in the manufacturing sector derives from digitalisation”

The group unanimously agreed that while there are opportunities there is also a need to address some important challenges as the focus of the group, including:

  • Leveraging the role of digital to imbue sustainability and energy efficiency solutions into the manufacturing processes contributing to the fight against climate change in Europe;
  • Addressing any impact to the labour market and to ensure employment programs attract and maintain talent. The role of the private sector to help Member States to fill the skills gap, transform the education system and uphold the creation of a valuable start-up community;
  • Developing an open stakeholder dialogue on a legislative framework for accelerating the usage of emerging technologies, in particular by SMEs.
For more information, please contact:
Ray Pinto
Senior Director for Digital Transformation Policy
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