15 Dec 2017

Digital tech industry calls on EU leaders to secure certainty in the transitional period

Digital tech industry calls on EU leaders to secure certainty in the transitional period

The European Council has decided that sufficient progress has been made in the talks pertaining to Article 50 and that the negotiations should move to the next phase.

For DIGITALEUROPE, the association representing the digital technology industry in Europe, the temporary status quo which will see the UK keeping its commitment to the rules of the Single Market and of the Customs Union is a positive news.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, said: “It is encouraging that European businesses and citizens will have more time to get ready for the EU-UK future relations.” “Since the value of the EU data economy accounts for more than €285 billion and over 1.94% of the EU GDP, the EU cannot afford disruption and must ensure un-interrupted data flows across borders and sectors and disciplines”, she added.

By agreeing guidelines, the European Council has lifted a great deal of uncertainty on the EU side. However, the transition must be implemented as early as possible along mutually agreeable terms. On planning their investments for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, tech businesses must indeed be assured that the U.K./ EU relationship will continue to offer the same access to markets as currently enjoyed until a final deal is done.

Transitional status-quo will spare businesses the unnecessary trouble of adjusting again when the new relations start being implemented. This will minimise their possible adverse on our supplychains, employees and customers.

Agreeing transitional arrangements and getting on without delay with shaping future relations after the UK has left the Single Market and Customs Union will set a milestone in the path towards a smooth exit. The governments having done their part, we will continue to engage with all major stakeholders on both sides to minimize disruption and make sure that future EU-UK relations keeps proving mutually beneficial.

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