28 May 2024

Digital solidarity: a step forward for transatlantic tech cooperation

The US government has recently announced its International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy, with global cooperation in the digital space front and center. We welcome this positive initiative and we fully support its ‘’digital solidarity’’ pledge.

Digital solidarity aims at meeting the interests of the US, the European Union and other like-minded and developing nations on technology governance, strong partnerships, and cybersecurity resilience. DIGITALEUROPE has always called for strong global tech alliances as one of the main pillars to make Europe become a digital powerhouse.

We have also been advocating for governments to work together in fora like the EU-US Cyber Dialogue or the Trade & Tech Council (TTC), but we have especially pushed for a stronger private-public partnerships. Digital solidarity acknowledges the potential of such cooperation, specifically on emerging technologies like AI, biotechnology, clean energy and quantum computing.

We are ready to support this new promising cooperation and we look forward to the rollout of the main areas of the International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy put forward by the US:

    • Promoting and maintaining a resilient digital ecosystem
    • Aligning rights-respecting digital and data governance with international partners
    • Building coalitions and partnerships to address cyberspace threats
    • Providing partners with needed digital cyber capacity

We are positive that this strategy and its goals are a step forward towards securing a stronger transatlantic cooperation, more aligned global standards, and a brighter digital future for all.

For further information, please contact
Joël Guschker
Senior Manager for International Affairs & Trade Policy
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