20 Feb 2019

Case studies on digital manufacturing

We are proud to present case studies from members that are pushing are key actors in the digitisation of the manufacturing sector.

Microsoft’s digital factories

Industry 4.0 is all about making manufacturing more flexible. You can only do that if you have technology backing it up to make it simple to operate and automate the operation of the factory.

Watch the video below, in which Microsoft concretely showcases their approach to the digital transformation in factories and warehouses.

Digital Factories

Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud

Efficient logistics is critical to any modern hospital. Beds, food, medicines and advanced equipment must be in the right place at the right time. It is a round-the-clock operation, and one that, done well, allows medical staff to focus on what they do best.

At Oulu University Hospital, Nokia deployed its Digital Automation Cloud. Watch the video to learn more.

More time for people - Oulu University Hospital

Airbus Advanced drone inspection

Airbus’ Advanced Inspection Drone system is developed with the Testia subsidiary of Airbus. The Advanced Inspection Drone is designed for use within a hangar. Once launched by an operator, it follows a predefined inspection path, capturing high-resolution images of the aircraft’s structure while keeping a safe distance through its built-in laser-based obstacle detection and anti-collision system.

High-quality pictures are sent wirelessly to a rugged tablet for the operator’s review in real-time. They subsequently are transferred to a desktop inspection station, where a technician makes thorough reviews of the images using a dedicated software system that localises and measures any visual surface damage by comparing the real-world images against the aircraft’s 3D structural model. The advanced imaging tools allow for an accurate defect assessment, while the software generates a report to complete the full inspection cycle. 

Airbus Advanced drone inspection

Nokia Factory in a box

Nokia’s Factory in a box is designed to provide both flexibility and agility. Built on a backbone of predictive and preventive capabilities, this concept aims to revolutionize both Nokia’s and its customers’ approach to manufacturing. By providing a fully automated, no-touch modular factory that can be transported to a desired location, Nokia is focusing on making real-time localized production a reality. 

Nokia Conscious Factory in a Box
20 Feb 2019 Publication & Brochure
20 Feb 2019 Publication & Brochure
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20 Feb 2019 Publication & Brochure
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