20 Feb 2019

Case studies on connectivity & 5G

We are proud to present case studies from members that are pushing the frontier of connectivity and 5G.

Nokia’s Advanced air pollution monitoring with 5G

Watch the video below as Nokia introduces its advanced air pollution monitoring system enabled by AI and 5G networks.

Advanced air pollution monitoring with 5G

Mircosoft’s Airband Initiative

Many rural areas lack broadband access, limiting their ability to thrive in a digital economy. The Airband Initiative brings affordable broadband access to everyone. 

Microsoft partners with equipment makers, internet and energy access providers, and local entrepreneurs to make affordable broadband access a reality for communities around the world.

Ericsson on 5G

From 5G standardization to today’s commercialization, Ericsson has been a key player in making 5G networks a commercial reality.

  • Ericsson is driving 5G standardization and was the largest contributor to the standardization body in 3GPP during 2018. Ericsson is committed to rapidly applying these standards to our technology development.

  • Ericsson has achieved interoperability between Ericsson Radio System commercial radios and the 5G test devices of our ecosystem partners such as Qualcomm and Intel on all main spectrum bands for initial 5G launches – most of them as first in the industry.
  • Ericsson has a flexible portfolio with their 5G platform that telecom operators to smoothly switch on 5G on their existing 4G networks. The Ericsson Radio System hardware has been 5G-ready since 2015 and can also be used for 5G NR with a remote software installation. This means Ericsson has already shipped more than 3 million 5G-ready radios to their customers worldwide.
  • Ericsson was first with commercial live networks in the United States and has already deployed operational 5G networks based on commercial equipment in Europe, Australia and Asia. To date, Ericsson has publicly announced 5G contracts with more than 10 named customers. In addition to this, Ericsson has over 40 operator memorandums of understanding worldwide and they are collaborating with more than 40 universities and technology institutes as well as 30 industry partners.

Moreover, Ericsson recently released a campaign video, “5G Switch made easy”, which covers Ericsson’s 5G platform.

20 Feb 2019 Publication & Brochure
20 Feb 2019 Publication & Brochure
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20 Feb 2019 Publication & Brochure
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