15 May 2020

Digitally Enlightened - DIGITALEUROPE & BBC StoryWorks collaboration

DIGITALEUROPE is pleased to announce a landmark film series, to be produced by BBC StoryWorks, the creative arm of BBC Global News.

 ‘Digitally Enlightened’ will explore how a common vision in Europe will help digital innovation scale up and flourish to the benefit of consumers and companies. This series will uncover stories across Europe about the fascinating potential of digitalization over the next decade, exploring case studies about the people driving sustainable digital development forward, and those who are benefiting from this innovation, to offer informative and compelling viewing for audiences.

At our Masters of Digital 2020 we launched the series with a video showcasing the Coding Class organised by our Danish members, IT-Branchen:

Coding classes in Denmark

Understanding the commitment and drive that’s required by digital innovators to solve world challenges will hopefully increase awareness and encourage us to provide the right environment for innovation and collaboration to flourish. 

The series will be produced in 2020, launching in February 2021 at DIGITALEUROPE’s ‘Masters of Digital’ event as part of the multi-channel campaign including BBC.com audiences across the globe and social amplification to targeted groups. 

 DIGITALEUROPE’s members will be approached with specific information on how to become involved in the project.

For more information, please contact:
Chris Ruff
Director for Political Outreach & Communications
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