Future of IoT security: What is next?

08 Sep 2021

Future of IoT security: What is next?

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8th September 2021

The explosion in connected devices, also referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), generates growing cybersecurity risks. Ensuring the cybersecurity of connected products is necessary, both to protect consumers and to spur Europe’s digitising economy. But how? 

The European Commission has put forward a number of policy proposals to introduce cybersecurity requirements on connected devices. The main discussion at this stage relates to a proposed delegated act in the context of the Radio Equipment Directive, for which the Commission proposes the activation of mandatory requirements. As part of the recent new EU Cybersecurity Strategy, the Commission has also announced its intention to introduce horizontal rules to improve the cybersecurity of all connected products and associated services. The IoT, in both its consumer and industrial aspects, is also expected to be one of the future areas for cybersecurity certification pursuant to the Cybersecurity Act.  

In order to identify the approach that is best fit for purpose, DIGITALEUROPE carried out a study on the future of cybersecurity for the Internet of Things (IoT). In this event, we will present and discuss the conclusions of our study, based on interviews conducted with prominent experts from the relevant standards groups. 


Watch this space for speaker and agenda announcements.


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