What are DIGITALEUROPE members doing to support Ukraine?

DIGITALEUROPE’s members in the region are providing support, both humanitarian and ICT-related, to Ukraine. Many companies are donating time, money and expertise to support Ukrainian citizens and organisations, and to protect them from cyber-attacks.

This is a non-exhaustive list, and the page is currently being updated. If you wish to suggest resources or have any feedback or questions, please get in touch.

National trade associations

  • Abelia (Norway)

    Abelia’s umbrella organization NHO (the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises) is following the situation and Western sanctions against Russia. Many of its member companies are affected. Here you will find information about sanctions, follow-up of employees, contracts with customers with connections to Russia, contact points for the business community, cyber security and other relevant content.

  • AGORIA (Belgium)

    In their hub, AGORIA advise Belgian business owners how to deal with the conflict and the sanctions imposed on Russia.

  • ATIC (Moldova)

    Moldovan IT companies stand shoulder to shoulder to support Ukrainian refugees. Volunteer IT specialists, accommodation and transport assistance, legal and accounting assistance, support for facilitating the Visa IT program, workspaces for employees within Moldovan organizations and companies – these are just some of the actions that the National Association intends to undertake of ICT Companies (ATIC), together with its members, to support IT companies in Ukraine.

  • Bitkom (Germany)

    Critical infrastructures, companies and authorities were digitally attacked from Russia in advance of its invasion, also in Germany. Widespread disinformation campaigns are currently being waged.

    This page provides information on digital aspects of Russian warfare and implications for the digital economy. Among other things, it is about cyber attacks, protection options, dealing with disinformation and the integration of Ukrainian refugees in companies in the digital economy.

  • HGK (Croatia)

    The Croatian Chamber of Commerce is keeping its members informed in cases when they are engaged in transport to Ukraine or traveling through Ukraine and surrounding countries, if they are working in the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian markets, and keeping them informed on EU sanctions.

  • Dansk Erhverv (Denmark)

    Dansk Erhverv (the Danish Chamber of Commerce) follows developments closely from their offices in Brussels and Copenhagen and is ready to advise members on the EU’s sanctions against Russia and their consequences for the Danish business community.

  • DI Digital (Denmark)

    The invasion of Ukraine affects many Danish companies, which may be affected by sanctions and unrest. DI is following the situation closely, and is ready to advise on sanctions and employee safety.

  • GZS (Slovenia)

    The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce has formed an internal group to help affected members and issued a statement.

  • IT Branchen (Denmark)

    IT Branchen is keeping its member informed about the impact of sanctions on their business and about the increased risk of cyber attacks.

  • ITAS (Slovakia)

    ITAS has set up a joint programme to help Ukrainian students and their families reach Slovakia.

  • ITL (Estonia)

    ITL Estonia has teamed up with the hackathon #WorldWithUkraine, encouraging the tech community, entrepreneurs, innovators and all problem-solvers to submit ideas on how to help. ITL is also coordinating with other organisations responding to the crisis in Ukraine – you can find information on conditions for working in Estonia here and general updates on what Estonia is doing to help here.

  • IVSZ (Hungary)

    IVSZ has put forward concrete proposals that could improve the situation of both Ukrainian colleagues in the industry, many of whom are on the battlefield or waiting for the fighting to calm down with their families, and the millions of Ukrainian refugees.

  • TechSverige (Sweden)

    TechSverige is a member organisation for companies of all sizes within the tech sector, that wish to join the largest industry network in Sweden in order to promote and further develop the tech market and conditions for tech enterprises. The invasion of Ukraine affects many of their members and they’re following the situation closely, and providing advice to members on employee issues and other aspects.

Corporate members

  • Accenture

    Accenture is discontinuing their business in Russia and will donate $5 million to nonprofit relief organisations working to help people in Ukraine and those who are being displaced.

  • Airbus

    Airbus has halted the supply of aircraft parts and services to Russian airlines, in line with international sanctions.

  • Amazon

    Amazon are donating up to $10 million to relief organisations, including UNICEF, UNHCR, World Food Program, Red Cross, Polska Akcja Humanitarna, and Save the Children and will continue to support their employees who have been impacted by the crisis. AWS and Amazon are also working to protect customers and partners from cyber threats, providing security expertise and support to people on the ground as well as governments and institutions.

  • AMD

    AMD has suspended its sales and the distribution of their products into Russia and Belarus.

  • Apple

    Apple has paused all product sales in Russia, as well as limiting services such as Apple Pay and Apple Maps. In Ukraine, they are supporting humanitarian efforts, providing aid for the refugee crisis and supporting their teams in the region.

  • Autodesk

    Autodesk has suspended their business in Russia and continue to comply fully with all sanctions currently in place. The Autodesk Foundation has also committed financial support to address Ukraine-specific relief efforts, donating to the Red Cross and UNHCR.

  • Banco Santander

    Santander has removed fees on all permitted transfers to Ukraine and, for Ukrainians in Poland, have suspended account and card fees and removed ATM charges among other initiatives. An initial donation of €1 million was made to the Red Cross and UNHCR, and Santander has also provided country-specific bank account details for individuals wanting to make donations.

  • Bayer

    Bayer has set up a €3 million Disaster Relief Fund to support people in Ukraine and the bordering states, which includes monetary donations to humanitarian aid organisations and product donations such as antibiotics and medical items on request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Bayer has also stopped all spending in Russia and Belarus that is not related to supplying essential, life-saving products in health and nutrition.

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

    Bristol-Myers Squibb has contributed to global relief efforts to help address the health and refugee crisis in Ukraine, including through donations by the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation to Save the Children and International Rescue Committee that have totaled $200,000 to date.

  • Canon

    Canon EMEA suspended all product deliveries into Russia, and are donating to international aid and humanitarian organisations in Ukraine and the surrounding countries.

    The Canon Group has made a donation of approximately one million euros to the UNHCR refugee agency and other international humanitarian organizations.

  • Cisco

    Cisco has stopped all business operations, including sales and services, in Russia and Belarus. For those in Ukraine, Cisco has been offering cybersecurity support, helping to protect customers and Ukrainian organisations and institutions from cyberattacks, as well as offering services, calls and auto-renewals to customers in Ukraine free of charge.

  • Dell Technologies

    Dell Technologies has suspended all product sales in Russia.

  • Ericsson

    Ericsson has suspended their deliveries to Russia.

  • ESET

    ESET is helping its customers in Ukraine by providing free upgrades to their highest grade solution and are automatically extending expiring licenses for Ukrainian consumers and businesses at no extra cost. They are also working to help protect those in Ukraine from numerous cyberthreats and have donated €100,000 to humanitarian organisations.

  • EY

    EY will no longer serve any Russian government clients or state-owned enterprises, and is restructuring its Russian member firm to separate it from the global network. They are supporting 700 Ukrainian staff members with financial aid, relocation, transportation and immigrations services, as well as donations to humanitarian organisations to help the wider Ukrainian community.

  • Facebook

    Facebook has committed $15m to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. To fight the spread of misinformation, Facebook has restricted access to RT and Sputnik across the EU, as well as globally demoting content from Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts from Russian state-controlled media outlets and making them harder to find across their platforms. Facebook itself has been banned in Russia but work is being done to still give Russian people access to reliable information.

  • Fujitsu

    The Fujitsu Group will donate $1m to UNHCR, the UN Refugees Agency.

  • GSK

    GSK are making a £3 million donation to humanitarian aid organisations, and are also responding to urgent product requests from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, including donations of antibiotics and medical supplies.

  • Google

    Google is working on several fronts, including monitoring cyber threats – Project Shield has been implemented on a wide scale in Ukraine which helps to prevent websites from cyberattacks. Google is also fighting against the spread of misinformation through blocking channels and videos and advertisements aimed at spreading inaccurate information. $2 million has already been donated through ads aimed providing those on the ground with information about humanitarian and resettlement assistance.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    HPE has halted all shipments to Russia.

  • HP

    Through its “Digital Equity for Ukraine” initiative, HP has engaged in a $30 million partnership with Global Business Coalition for Education to provide computers and learning materials to support thousands of students, teachers, and healthcare practitioners. In coordination with the Ukrainian government, around half of the donated computers are destined for internally displaced civilians, with the remainder going to refugees outside the country. Additionally, the HP Foundation has so far delivered more than $3 million in grants for food, clothing, and shelter materials for refugees, and continues to match employee donations.

  • Intel

    Intel has suspended all shipments to customers in both Russia and Belarus. Intel has also launched an employee donation and matching campaign through the Intel Foundation that has already raised over $1.2 million for relief efforts.

  • Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson is donating $5 million to humanitarian aid organisations, and will provide product donations including hygiene kits and medical supplies.

  • Konica Minolta

    Konica Minolta are adhering to the sanctions imposed by the international community, meaning payments between their European headquarters and Konica Minolta Business Solutions Russia have been suspended for now. They are also working to support staff based in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, ensuring food, shelter and other areas of humanitarian aid are readily available.

  • Kry

    Kry operate a free platform called Livi Connect, it is a safe, secure and simple digital platform for any healthcare professional to see their patients remotely. They have translated the Livi Connect website into Ukrainian, as well as all our user guides and materials. Kry have also been shipping medical supplies directly to the Ukrainian/Polish border. 

  • Lilly

    Lilly is donating $7.5 million of insulin to Project HOPE, a nonprofit organisation that is currently on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries and is actively shipping essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians. Lilly is also facilitating a $1.8 million supply of baricitinib, used to treat complications of COVID-19, to Direct Relief. The Lilly Foundation is making donations of $500,000 to humanitarian aid organisations.

  • Mastercard

    Mastercard has suspended their operations in Russia, blocking multiple financial institutions from the Mastercard payment network. Mastercard has also announced a $2 million contribution to the Red Cross, Save the Children and our employee assistance fund for humanitarian relief.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft has suspended all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia. They have also been working on the protection of Ukraine’s cybersecurity, helping officials in Ukraine to defend against Russian attacks. On humanitarian assistance, Microsoft Philanthropies and UN Affairs teams are working closely with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and multiple UN agencies to help refugees by providing technology and financial support for key NGOs and, where needed, defending these groups from ongoing cyberattacks.

  • MSD

    MSD are donating hundreds of thousands of medicines and medical supplies to support those in Ukraine, as well as a significant finanacial donation to international humanitarian aid organisations.

  • Nokia

    Nokia has halted all their operations in Russia in line with international sanctions, and have halted product deliveries to the region. Nokia will also donate €1 million to UNICEF to help support its humanitarian work in Ukraine and will work with UNICEF to provide a platform for employee fundraising.


    NVIDIA has suspended all sales to Russia.

  • Oracle

    Oracle has suspended all operations in Russia.

  • Palo Alto Networks

    Palo Alto Networks is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving cyber activity related to Russia and Ukraine, continuing to release new threat intelligence, deploy protections for their customers, and are actively collaborating with partners in industry and governments to share analysis and findings.

  • Panasonic

    Panasonic has suspended business with Russia and is donating around ¥20 million to humanitarian aid organisations.

  • Philips

    The Philips Foundation is providing a 24-bed mobile hospital in Lviv, Ukraine as wells as installing mobile check-up units at the Ukrainian border in Poland, to provide emergency care where necessary. Philips and the Philips Foundation are also providing financial assistance to displaced Ukrainian citizens.

  • Red Hat

    Effective immediately, Red Hat is discontinuing sales and services in Russia and Belarus (for both organisations located in or headquartered in Russia or Belarus). This includes discontinuing partner relationships with organisations based in or headquartered in Russia or Belarus.

  • Roche

    Roche is donating 150,000 packages of the antibiotic Rocephin to Ukraine. The drug is used to treat symptoms of many kinds of bacterial infections and holds a spot on the World Health Organisation’s essential medicines list.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation has suspended all business operations in Russia and Belarus, and has made a financial contribution to Project HOPE to provide humanitarian relief to refugees in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

  • Samsung

    Samsung has suspended product shipments to Russia.

  • SAP

    SAP are pausing all sales of services and products in Russia, and are allocating an initial €1 million in humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support it’s employees in Ukraine, and will continue to support employees affected by the crisis. SE will also match employee donations up to €400,000.

  • Siemens

    Siemens has suspended their business in Russia.

  • Siemens Healthineers

    Siemens Healthineers will comply with international sanctions but will continue to support healthcare providers and patients in Russia.

  • Sky

    Sky has removed Russian-backed TV channels such as RT and Sputnik from their networks.

  • Sony

    Sony Group Corporation donated a total of $2 million to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and the international NGO Save the Children, in order to provide humanitarian aid to the affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region. In addition, Sony Group companies around the world are collecting donations from employees and matching the amounts raised.

  • Swatch Group

    Swatch Group has paused all exports to Russia

  • TikTok

    TikTok has suspended the livestream function and the publication of new content in Russia due to its ‘fake news’ law.

  • UnitedHealth Group

    The United Health Foundation, the philanthropic foundation of UnitedHealth Group, is donating $1 million to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

  • Visa

    Visa has suspended all operations in Russia.

  • VMware

    VMware has suspended all business operations in Russia and Belarus and is working with governments and customers across the globe to provide digital infrastructure and cybersecurity assistance. As a founding member of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) convened by the U.S. Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), VMware is actively aligned with a global network of industry and public sector organisations focused on early warning and rapid response efforts to protect critical infrastructure.

  • Workday

    Workday has made donations of $500,000 to organizations focused on providing humanitarian and medical aid as well as organizations supporting people in Ukraine, including the US Association for UNHCR, UNICEF USA, International Medical Corps, and RAZOM, Inc.

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