Digital taxation

DIGITALEUROPE supports a global solution led by the OECD to renew the tax systems and make them fit the digital age.

Typically, taxation should take place where value is created. This principle is easier said than implemented when it comes to intangible assets. By going against time-honoured and effective principles of corporate taxation such as profit-based and no double taxation, the European Commission’s proposals still fall short of providing a workable solution.

DIGITALEUROPE is engaged in a continuous constructive dialogue with the Commission, Member States and the OECD. Our objectives are twofold:

  • Support the Commission’s goal to avoid the development of national initiatives that would further fragment the European regulatory environment
  • Ensure that all the new instruments considered are compatible with the upcoming recommendations of the OECD-led Inclusive Framework on Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
Our resources on Digital taxation
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Your contact for Digital taxation
Patrice Chazerand
Director for Digital Trade and Taxation
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