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DIGITALEUROPE stands at the intersection of the health and tech communities. Our membership includes, on the one hand, pharmaceutical businesses, vaccine developers, consumer healthcare and insurance companies, and medical device producers. On the other hand, our members are leaders in platform services, data analytics, software, hardware, telecoms, semiconductors and cloud technology. DIGITALEUROPE's Executive Council for Health drives our unique insights into digitally transforming healthcare.

Policy resources

Read our recommendations for digitally transformed healthcare systems

Policy Paper 10 Sep 2021
DIGITALEUROPE’s response to the public consultation on the European Health Data Space
Policy Paper 10 Aug 2021
DIGITALEUROPE’s initial findings on the proposed AI Act
Policy Paper 11 Jun 2021
Making the most of the GDPR to advance health research
Policy Paper 03 Feb 2021
DIGITALEUROPE’s recommendations for the European Health Data Space
Policy Paper 07 Jan 2021
DIGITALEUROPE priorities for relaunching the transatlantic agenda

Bridging policy and industry

DIGITALEUROPE's Executive Council for Health

DIGITALEUROPE’s Executive Council for Health (DECH) represents executives from leading healthcare and technology companies defining the goals and the action plan for the EU to digitally transform its healthcare systems and create a digital-first Health Union.


  • Francesco Buonarroti


    Vice-President & Chief Information Officer Business Technology Pharm Commercial EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

  • Elena Bonfiglioli


    Regional Lead Healthcare EMEA, Global Lead Pharma and Life Sciences, Microsoft

  • Jeanne Kehren


    Senior Vice-President Digital & Commercial Innovation and Member of the Pharmaceutical Executive Board, Bayer

  • Katrin Pucknat


    President, ResMed Germany

  • Padraic Ward


    Head of Pharma International, Roche

  • Lisa Banks

    Vice President & Global Head of Digital Innovation and Beyond, GSK Vaccines

  • Xin Chen

    Executive Director European eHealth, AI Governance & Data, Huawei

  • Andreas Cleve

    Chief Executive Officer, Corti AI (member of IT-Branchen)

  • Miguel Coelho

    Healthcare Business Development Director for EMEA and Latin America, Oracle

  • Sybo Dijkstra

    Head of Data Strategy and AI & Standardisation Lead, Philips

  • Rowland Illing

    Director & Chief Medical Officer, International Government Health, Amazon Web Services

  • Padraig Monaghan

    Chief Executive Officer, Optum Ireland & UK, United Health Group

  • Nicolas Monsarrat

    Managing Director, Accenture Health, Digital Health Europe lead

  • James Norman

    Chief Information Officer, Healthcare EMEA, Dell Technologies

  • Bernd Ohnesorge

    President EMEA, Siemens Healthineers

  • István Peták

    Chief Executive Officer, Oncompass Medicine (member of IVSZ)

  • Craig Rhodes

    EMEA Industry Lead AI for Healthcare and Life Science, NVIDIA

  • Veronika Schweighart

    Chief Operations Officer, Climedo (member of Bitkom)

  • Paul Watson

    Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Hitachi

For more information, please contact:
Ray Pinto
Director for Digital Transformation Policy
Thomas Hellebrand
Officer for Digital Transformation Policy
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