DIGITALEUROPE's Value Proposition

Overall benefits for members

  • Participation in the leading advocacy organisation in Europe for the ICT sector
  • Access to high-level EU policymakers and thought-leaders to discuss the issues that are important to you
  • Access to companies representing the full ICT value chain and national trade associations in over 30 countries
  • Access to over 80 policy working groups on the most important matters affecting revenues and profit margins in the digital industry today
  • Access to over 900 technical, legal and policy experts from our member organisations
  • Access to our business support team to identify EU funding opportunities, broker deals and manage grants and service contract
  • Participation in European flagship events from trade shows to EU conferences with the Commission, Parliament and Member States
  • Access to modern meeting facilities in the heart of Brussels
  • Access to our newsletter covering the latest information and issues from politics to economics impacting the industry today

Member services

The following graph highlights the key components of our value proposition, organised around connecting people, disseminating information, learning from each other and building on information.


DIGITALEUROPE's value proposition graphic
Vision & Mission

Vision - A European Union that nurtures and supports digital technology industries, and that prospers from the jobs we provide, the innovation and economic benefits we deliver and the societal challenges we address

Mission - To foster, on behalf of our members, a business, policy and regulatory environment in Europe that best realises our vision. We will achieve this by working as positive partners with the European Institutions and other European and global bodies and, through our national trade associations, the member states of Europe.