Our Values



DIGITALEUROPE is recognised for its expertise. We are the primary trusted source of information for policy makers.



DIGITALEUROPE facilitates good dialogue internally and with institutions and peer organisations.



DIGITALEUROPE comes to conclusions and sticks to them.

Whilst we seek consensus at all times we are resolute in our final decisions.



DIGITALEUROPE looks beyond the “now”, we create the future. We tell stakeholders what’s next.



DIGITALEUROPE is a trusted and reliable partner. We promote respect inside the organisation (between members and from members to staff). We are transparent and consistent with our objectives.



DIGITALEUROPE is thorough in its initiatives. We ensure quality in all aspect of our work to be effective and reach our objectives. DIGITALEUROPE strives for continuous improvement and to be a benchmark for other organisation.


Service oriented

DIGITALEUROPE provides a great working experience for members, stakeholders and staff. We respond to members needs within the agreed vision and mission. We are respected by members for our service.

Vision & Mission

Vision - A European Union that nurtures and supports digital technology industries, and that prospers from the jobs we provide, the innovation and economic benefits we deliver and the societal challenges we address

Mission - To foster, on behalf of our members, a business, policy and regulatory environment in Europe that best realises our vision. We will achieve this by working as positive partners with the European Institutions and other European and global bodies and, through our national trade associations, the member states of Europe.