ECDL Foundation is the certifying authority of the leading international computer skills certification programme – ECDL / ICDL. We have successfully delivered ICT certification programmes to over 13 million people, in 41 languages across 150 countries. Our certification programmes are designed to be accessible to all citizens, irrespective of age, gender, status, ability, or race.

Learning contents offered: 

a. Training for everyone

Overview: ECDL is made up of a range of modules – each module provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas, which are validated by a test.  New ECDL enables you to develop and certify your computer skills in the subject areas of your choosing and to the level that you need – either for work, or for day-to-day life. Through the module combination that you choose, you create your individual ECDL Profile. The ECDL range of modules is categorised as Base modulesStandard modules and Advanced modules.

ECDL Foundation is present in all countries in Europe. More information about our national partners are available at


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