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High Definition TV and Ultra High Definition logos


Ultra High Definition logo 

Video images are getting much sharper with the unveiling of the new generation of Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) display devices by major consumer electronics manufacturers.

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DIGITALEUROPE has developed an Ultra HD logo for this new state-of-the-art video standard, to help consumers tell it apart from the earlier High Definition (HD) standard.

Ultra HD display devices have a much higher concentration of pixels than earlier models. With 3840 x 2160 pixels, the new screens are four times more detailed than HD screens which have 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 8 million pixels of Ultra HD allow displaying images with a depth and a clarity never achieved until now.

The Ultra HD label proposes a baseline to foster interoperability of Ultra HD devices. Provided that source content and source devices (such as a Disc Player, a Camcorder, a STB, a Media Server, a Mobile Phone, etc.) follow this baseline, the Ultra HD logo informs consumers that the display device they are considering buying is compatible with such Ultra HD content and source device and that it will be able to display such content with Ultra HD resolution. 

In order to see the improved resolution of Ultra HD the content and the display device itself must be compatible with the new format. For example, home movies shot on an Ultra HD camera and viewed on an Ultra HD display device will be superior in quality to most TV content broadcast today.

Participation in the logo programme is open to any manufacturer provided that they sign the license agreement and commit themselves to the technical requirements as defined by DIGITALEUROPE.

Benefit for the consumer

For the consumer, purchasing a device bearing the Ultra HD logo will guarantee that the equipment bought complies with the parameters defined under the Logo License Agreement and that in normal full screen television viewing mode, the device can maintain the resolution and frame rate at each and every stage of its internal processing, from input to rendering.

Furthermore, by issuing the logo, DIGITALEUROPE proposes a baseline to foster interoperability in the Ultra HD market. With this logo, content providers and manufacturers of source devices also have a reference for compatibility to serve a large Ultra HD Display population.

Benefit for the industry

These parameters are meant to help content producers optimise their production to these rendering parameters for a baseline Ultra HD Display and ensure that they will adequately reach the Ultra HD Display market with their content.

Although this does not preclude any other transmission or delivery parameters for the media, our parameters are required to be available at the output for a baseline Ultra HD Display. For any parameter values beyond DIGITALEUROPE’s minimum requirements, source devices may have to provide a conformant baseline signal unless the negotiation between source device and display results in higher capability.


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