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High Definition TV and Ultra High Definition logos


HD Ready  


DIGITALEUROPE  announced on 19 January 2005 its "Conditions for HD Labelling of Display Devices" and associated "HD ready" logo.The "HD ready" logo was introduced as a quality sign for the differentiation of display equipment, capable to process and display high definition signals, awarded on the basis of minimum functionality requirements.

The DIGITALEUROPE "Conditions for HD Labelling of Display Devices" offers a carefully balanced approach which preserves the incentives for European innovation in broadcasting technologies, while also responding to the consumer's call for certainty and clear messaging regarding interoperability with future HD receiver products.While the HD Ready logo addresses displays which match the DIGITALEUROPE HD interoperability requirements, the HD TV logo applies to equipments capable of receiving and processing the HD signals directly, such as TV with built-in digital receivers, Set top boxes, DVD players or recorders (More information on the HD TV Logo)The logo "HD ready" is awarded within a self-certification regime for display equipment capable of presenting HD sources as defined by the requirements detailed in the related conditions document.

If you would like to apply to use the HD ready logo

This is what you have to do to become a licensee:

  • Step 1 - Download the document "HD ready" logo license agreement. Fill out and sign two copies of the agreement (fill out sections on page 1, 7, 9 + annex F: brands). Both copies should be sent via mail to DIGITALEUROPE, 14 Rue de la Science, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.The document represents the formal license agreement. It contains the terms and conditions for using the logo, and the necessary legal provisions.
  • Step 2 - Upon receipt of the two copies, we will forward you an invoice for the payment of the fee.
  • Step 3 - We will return 1 countersigned copy of license agreement.

Please note: The agreement shall not become effective until the licensor has received the applicable logo administration fee from Licensee.

To use the logo on products

  • Step 4 - Fill in and file Annex B for each product that will be put on the market with the logo Annex B "HD ready" Testing and Verification Procedure. This defines the basic compliance testing and verification procedures details, specifying how a Licensee shall self-certify a product for conformance to the HD ready minimum requirements.
  • Step 5 - On the 1st of July and 31st January of each year: fill out annex C (declaration) for compliant products placed on market during 1st and 2nd year-half respectively and send these documents by mail to DIGITALEUROPE, 14 Rue de la Science, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.The licence is active from the date given on the signed hard copy of the licence agreement, for the period of one calendar year.Your details will be held on our database. This will allow us to notify you of any changes to the scheme and also to prompt your renewal at the end of your licence term.You should be aware that the brand name(s) listed in annex F of the license agreement will be made publicly available on this website in due course, as specified in clause 6.2 of the licence agreement.


More information

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