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Overview of the Strategic Policy Forum activities 2016 04 Aug 2016
DIGITALEUROPE comments - Digital Single Market Strategy 11 May 2015
How Digital is the EU in 2015 18 Mar 2015
2015 DSM Survey summary 23 Feb 2015
Manifesto - A day in the life of Elisa by 2019 18 Jun 2014
Copyright levy infographic 2013 28 May 2013
IPR Brochure 2010 01 Jan 2010
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Launch of the Spanish National Coalition with the Spanish Manifesto 19 Jul 2017
The Spanish National Coalition was officially launched on 7 July in Madrid. The event was part of the activities of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, which is encouraging creation of National Coalitions, a key feature to address specific digital skill challenges at the Member State level.
DIGITALEUROPE participated in Digital Assembly 2017, Malta 19 Jun 2017
On Jun 16, Damir Filipovic, Director for Digital Enterprise and Consumer Policy, DIGITALEUROPE, engaged as a panellist at the Digital Assembly in Malta.
DIGITALEUROPE attended the eCF Council transnational meeting in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. 14 Jun 2017
On 7 – 9 June, all partners of the eCF Council got together at the polytechnic campus of the University of Alcalá, Spain. DIGITALEUROPE’s Darren Perera, Communications and Design Executive, represented the organisation’s initiative towards the eCF Council project.
DIGITALEUROPE submits feedback to Article 29 Working Party DPIA draft guidelines 14 Jun 2017
On 23 May, DIGITALEUROPE submitted its views to the Article 29 Working Party (“WP29”) draft guidance on data protection impact assessments (“DPIAs”) and how to determine ‘high risk’ processing. The draft guidance document was the second guidance document published by the WP29 in draft form seeking views from interested stakeholders ahead of final publication.
WannaCry cyber-attack confirms EU cyber policy actions heading in right direction 16 May 2017
BRUSSELS (May 16 2017) - DIGITALEUROPE is relieved that this weekend’s WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack appears to be slowing. Our members remain highly vigilant and are proactively sharing any insights they have into forestalling further attacks.
DIGITALEUROPE speaks at Academy of European Law Data Protection Conference 15 May 2017
On 12 May, DIGITALEUROPE spoke on the “GDPR and the upcoming ePrivacy and Digital Content Directive” panel at the 2017 Annual Conference on European Data Protection Law in Brussels, Belgium. The conference, organised by the ‘Academy of European Law – ERA’, focused on the impact of the future ePrivacy and Digital Content laws and their overlap with the recently finalised GDPR.
DIGITALEUROPE replies to Commission International Data Transfer Communication 12 May 2017
On 22 May, DIGITALEUROPE sent a letter to the European Commission regarding its recent International Data Transfers Communication. The Communication, published in January 2017, set out the Commission’s future agenda on ‘exchanging and protecting personal data in a globalised world’ and covered issues related to adequacy decisions, potential new standard contractual clauses (“SCCs”) and possible future Binding Corporate Rules (“BCRs”) developments.
DIGITALEUROPE speaks at eHealth Week Conference 12 May 2017
On 10 May, DIGITALEUROPE spoke on the “eHealth Security and Data Protection” panel at the 2017 eHealth Week conference in Valetta, Malta. The panel, part of the larger eHealth Week conference, focused on the expected impact of the adoption of the Network and Information Security (“NIS”) Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) in the healthcare domain.
DIGITALEUROPE speaks at Bruegel ePrivacy event 2 May 2017
On 25 April, DIGITALEUROPE spoke at the “Protecting the Privacy of Electronic Communications: Getting the Next Steps Right” event in Brussels, Belgium. The event, organised by Bruegel, aimed to examine whether the draft ePrivacy Regulation strikes the right balance between protecting the fundamental rights of citizens and allowing industry to innovate.
DIGITALEUROPE speaks at Eurosfat conference, 28 April 2 May 2017
Damir Filipovic, Director for Digital Enterprise and Consumer Policy at DIGITALEUROPE, joined European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip, MEP Victor Negrescu and Google’s Marta Poślad on a panel at the Eurosfat conference in Bucharest on 28 April: “Is the EU embracing the digital transformation at its full speed?”
DIGITALEUROPE outreach to Romania, 27-28 April 2 May 2017
Damir Filipovic, DIGITALEUROPE’s Director for Digital Enterprise and Consumer Policy visited officials of the new Government in Romania, with support of our NTA members APDETIC and ANIS to discuss ongoing legislative files and the position of Romania in the Council of Ministers of the EU.
DIGITALEUROPE speaks at 8th Annual IoT European Summit 19 Apr 2017
On 19 April, DIGITALEUROPE spoke at the “8th Annual Internet of Things European Summit” in Brussels, Belgium. The event, organised by Forum Europe, is the leading dual policy and business focused Internet of Things (“IoT”) event in the region bringing together over 200 representatives from policy and business communities, in addition to 40+ speakers from EU institutions, multinationals, start-ups, press and academia.
DIGITALEUROPE submits feedback ahead of Article 29 Working Party Conference 18 Apr 2017
On 5 April, ahead of the start of the second Article 29 Working Party (“WP 29”) FabLab conference (“FabLab II”) on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), DIGITALEUROPE published its preliminary views on the topics of automated decision making, including profiling, and data breach notification.
DIGITALEUROPE sends letter to Parliament on Privacy Shield Resolution 18 Apr 2017
On 5 April, DIGITALEUROPE sent a letter to Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”) urging them to vote against the proposed resolution on the EU-US Privacy Shield, which was voted on the following day.
DIGITALEUROPE publishes initial views on the draft ePrivacy Regulation 18 Apr 2017
On 3 April, DIGITALEUROPE published its initial views on the European Commission’s proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation (“ePR”). The position paper follows the January 2017 publication by the European Commission, which aims to update the current ePrivacy Directive and replace it with a more stringent and directly applicable Regulation.
DIGITALEUROPE submits response to Commission consultation on ENISA 13 Apr 2017
On 12 April, DIGITALEUROPE submitted a response to the Commission’s public consultation on the evaluation and review of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (“ENISA”). The consultation sought stakeholders’ views on the performance of ENISA over the period 2013-2016 in light of the possible revision of the agency’s current mandate.
DIGITALEUROPE speaks at EPP Group European Democrat Students Winter University Conference 31 Mar 2017
On 29 March, DIGITALEUROPE spoke at the “European Democrat Students (EDS) Winter University Conference” in Valetta, Malta. The event, organised in conjunction with the EPP Group’s Congress, aimed to address the issue of protecting personal information in a globalised world.
DIGITALEUROPE issues response to Commission’s Progress Report on Improving Criminal Justice in Cyberspace 20 Mar 2017
On 3 March, DIGITALEUROPE published its response to the European Commission’s ‘progress report’ on improving criminal justice in cyberspace. The progress report marks the mid-way point of the European Commission’s DG HOME-DG JUST task force working to address the complex problem of global access to electronic evidence in cyberspace. In June 2017, the European Commission is expected to provide recommendations to the Justice and Home Affairs Council on the way forward to solve this complex problem
Industry coalition sends letter on ePrivacy Regulation legislative timeline 17 Mar 2017
On 15 March, the Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP), which DIGITALEUROPE is a member of, sent a letter to the European Commission, European Parliament and Member State Governments calling for the co-legislators to take the necessary time and caution in evaluating the impact of the proposed ePrivacy Regulation (ePR).
Space technology, the final frontier of a connected Europe 15 Mar 2017
Space is an integral part of the Digital Society, serving citizens, companies and governments in pursuit of their daily life or of loftier business, strategic and emergency objectives.  Satellites are as inconspicuous as they are ubiquitous: they support video distribution, services to mobile communities or high capacity backhaul around the world.
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  • One word for the Digital Single Market DIGITALEUROPE asked Digital CEOs to share the first word coming to their mind when they think about the Digital Single Market. This is the result. Please share with us your word on the comment box below! For more information, please contact: Magali Merindol, Senior Marketing & Events Manager, DIGITALEUROPE or visit Manuel Moreno, Creative Communications & Events Manager, DIGITALEUROPE or visit 7 Mar 2016
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