• DIGITALEUROPE kicks-off 2018 with an exclusive new year’s networking event

    12 January 2018On 11 January, DIGITALEUROPE celebrated new year with its third Open House Reception in Brussels. The networking event gathered over 120 participants, including Members of the association, business associates and government officials. Ms Lucilla Sioli, recently appointed Director for Digitising Industry at the European Commission’s DG CONNECT, was our special guest.

    DIGITALEUROPE’s Director General, Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, welcomed everyone and gave a short presentation on the main achievements of last year and the priorities for the months to come. 

    She recalled the policy advocacy efforts led by DIGITALEUROPE at the end of 2017 and the positive signals received by the Council at the end of the Estonian Presidency – namely on 5G and on the Free of Flow of Data regulation. In the context of the e-Privacy regulation, she stressed on the importance to keep advocating for EU-wide legislations which do not hamper innovation nor the emergence of new services for consumers and businesses. She also mentioned the recent involvement of the association in the BREXIT and Taxation debates.

    Cecilia also outlined the outreach activities conducted in several EU Member States as well as in the USA at the end of last year, and announced her participation to events organised by DIGITALEUROPE’s national trade associations in Hungary and Poland in the coming weeks. She will also attend the Lech Forum in April and is planning a visit to Japan and South Korea layer in the year. 

    Finally, Cecilia announced DIGITALEUROPE’s Masters of Digital 2018 Conference, which will take place on 20th February in Brussels with Commissioners Gabriel and Moscovici, and Tech Ambassadors Martinon and Klynge. The event will focus on the digital transformation of business and industry and, for the time ever, innovative European SMEs are competing to receive the DIGITALEUROPE’s SME Award.  

    Our special guest, Lucilla Sioli, Director for Digital Industry at DG CONNECT also addressed the audience. In her speech, Lucilla spoke about the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and how machines and robots can positively ease our everyday life. She stressed on the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for both the society and the economy, and that a European Commission’s communication on AI should be announced in Spring. 

    In the context of industry digitisation, Lucilla recalled the European Commission’s efforts to encourage and develop innovation hubs across the continent. She also insisted on the necessity to equip all European citizens with the digital skills needed for tomorrow. Focus on innovation hubs and on digital skills has also the potential to reduce geographical inequalities and foster a positive coexistence of workers and machines in the workplace.  

    Lucilla concluded by acknowledging DIGITALEUROPE’s positive contribution in pushing for this agenda over the years; notably by hosting the secretariat of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative by the European Commission. Efforts to re-skill and up-skill European workers and citizens with the right set of digital competences also requires joint efforts from companies and associations. 

    The new year reception ended with a pleasant and fruitful networking session.


    See photos of the open house reception



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