• The Skills4IT National Coalition of Romania is committed to bringing digital skills to all Romanians

    4 December 2017

    The Secretariat of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition visited the Romanian National Coalition Skills4IT lead by APDETIC on 20 November. The visit coincided with a conference “The role of libraries in digital transformation” which took place at the National Library of Romania in Bucharest.

    Digital skills levels are slowly improving in Romania. A major success has been the introduction to middle school curriculum, as of 2017, of programming and basic IT modules; the aim is for children to learn how to find and interpret data.

    The number of public access points to the Internet throughout the country and in particular in remote areas, will enable all citizens to benefit from an increasing number of e-government services.

    The share of ICT specialists in the economy is increasing as IT jobs offer attractive salaries, and IT employees in Romania can benefit from income tax exemption. Yet thousands of digital jobs remain unfilled. Given this reality, the key focus of the National Coalition in Romania is to build a larger pool of digitally skilled workers and entrepreneurs.


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