• Summary NTA CEO Meeting – 23 October 2017 - Tallinn, Estonia

    2 November 2017The bi-annual gathering of DIGITALEUROPE’s National Trade Associations (NTAs) took place in Tallinn on 23 October 2017 in a very positive… and digital atmosphere. Indeed, what better (digital) country than Estonia could host that meeting?

    Over 20 leaders of NTAs affiliated to DIGITALEUROPE, joined by Director-General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Lionel Sola and Marion Eberl, dedicated a full day of lively discussions reviewing the policy challenges for the digital industry in Brussels and across Europe.

    The day started with an excellent presentation by our Estonian hosts who have showcased Estonia’s efforts (i.e. e-estonia) to digitise all public services in the country. The presentation was followed by an exchange of views on how e-government services are deployed across Europe.

    Another knowledgeable speaker from Estonia joined our meeting. Mr Siim Siikut, Deputy secretary General for Communications and State Information and State Information Systems, gave an overview of the Estonian EU Presidency’s digital priorities.

    Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl and the NTAs leaders exchanged ideas on DIGITALEUROPE’s four focus areas: (1) digital skills, jobs and growth; (2) Digitisation of Industries; (3) Privacy & Security; (4) Connected Society. Cecilia recalled the strong focus and public advocacy campaigns going on in Brussels on the ePrivacy Regulation. She called on NTAs’ involvement and support in lobbying the file in Member States.

    Cecilia also updated the group on her recent visit to the USA and highlighted the interest of US representatives for discussing the Privacy Shield, ePrivacy, taxation and platform transparency (algorithms). She reported from her meeting with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and explained her direct participation in the digital skills agenda – as she is meant to meet again with the Commissioner on 7 December to discuss the upgrading of digital skills for the European workforce.

    All participants discussed the role of NTAs in the policy work - namely how they leverage the interests of SMEs in Europe and how they work in close collaboration with their respective national governments. In that respect, it was reminded that the policy focus in Brussels is currently placed on the European Electronic Communication Code and on the ePrivacy Regulation.

    On behalf of the team in Brussels, we would like to thank all NTAs for their active participation and we wish to pass a special thank you message to our Estonian trade association – ITL.EE – who has kindly hosted the meeting.


    For more information, contact:

    Lionel Sola
    Director of Communications and Political Outreach


    Darren Perera
    Communications and Design Executive

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