• Exciting opportunity to provide digital traineeships to students and graduates

    31 October 2017The European Commission has launched a special scheme to provide in 2018-2020 transnational work experience in the digital field for up to 6,000 European university students and recent graduates.

    The ‘’Digital Opportunity scheme’ will allow students of all disciplines and all study levels (bachelors, masters, PhD) and recent graduates (maximum one year after graduation) the opportunity to gain industry experience with organisations, small and large, working in the field of digital technologies.

    Organisations and companies from across sectors and embracing digital technologies in their activities, whether this be in R&D, sales, marketing, back-office etc.) are invited to offer up to five-month traineeships starting in June 2018.  In order to foster European collaboration, the traineeships will be carried out in a country other than that of the residence of the students.

    The traineeships should focus on areas that are linked in one way or another to digital technologies. They could for example focus on IT skills necessary to programme or develop applications, skills in network management, skills related to fostering the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning products and services, or digital skills used in a broader business environment, such as digital marketing

    Trainees will receive a grant of up to Euro 500 per month. This is paid to them directly from their universities – so there is no complicated administrative process for you to follow. Of course, companies may wish to top up the grant by offering an additional stipend or benefits.

    The process for companies is simple.

    Companies willing to host trainees should publish their offers on ErasmusIntern and Drop'pin, selecting the ‘Digital Opportunity’ category on both platforms. The whole process should take no longer than 30 minutes.

    Traneeship openings will then be matched with students or recent graduate who have applied through their universities. Once matched, internal and companies will be introduced….and its over to you!

    Organisations committing by the end of November to offer traineeships will have the opportunity to meet Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society at the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Conference to be held in Brussels on 7 December 2017.

    More details on the Digital Opportunity scheme can be found on social media, blog post and a list of Q&As can be downloaded here.

    For more information please contact CNECT-DIGITAL-SKILLS@ec.europa.eu



    For more information please contact:

      Jonathan Murray
    Director of Operations
    Katarzyna Koziol
    Project & Policy Manager


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