• DIGITALEUROPE visits Microsoft EU policy office in Brussels

    7 September 2017On 30 August 2017, DIGITALEUROPE's staff together with Director General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl had the amazing opportunity to visit Microsoft EU policy office in Brussels. The visit was hosted by tech enthusiast, Mark Lange, Director of EU Institutional Relations.

    During the visit, DIGITALEUROPE’s staff was taken into the Microsoft cloud journey. Today, businesses of all sizes, industries, and governments are turning to cloud services. The flexibility and interoperability of cloud technology are bringing ease to many businesses. Microsoft steals the moment to elaborate and show off the Microsoft cloud technology and its ability to multi-task.

    Cloud technologies are gaining measurable impact on businesses, including, the ability to deliver actions instantly, no matter where you are, reduced operational cost for businesses, and unlike traditional servers, there is almost no maintenance cost, as all maintenance and security updates are done via cloud companies, without you even having to lift a finger.

    Mark Lange also introduced the revolutionary Microsoft Translator application. DIGITALEUROPE’s staff was startled with how effective and efficient the Microsoft Translator worked. The application can translate conversations between two different individuals from different parts of the world into one common understandable language. As Mark Lange stated, “One of the biggest barriers to communications are languages”. Imagine a world where everyone can communicate and understand each other, sharing our thoughts, values and cultures. This world is possible today, thanks to one of the many benefits of cloud computing technologies.     

    Click here and discover Microsoft Translator  

    Apart from that, the Director of EU Institutional Relations also took DIGITALEUROPE team into the Microsoft’s world of virtual reality. This time, we were taken into Microsoft's entertainment realm where Microsoft gave us the opportunity to try on the Microsoft HoloLens. The Microsoft HoloLens is definitely a ground-breaking invention. The HoloLens is a smart mixed reality glasses and a stand-alone computer, meaning you do not need to connect it to a mobile device or a computer. What it does is, it projects holographic images through the lens and it can interact with finger gestures. It also has a sound system built in. With the Microsoft HoloLens, you can transform and redefine your business, expand education capabilities and facilitate manufacturing capabilities.

    Click here to see Microsoft HoloLens technology

    To end, staff of Microsoft and DIGITALEUROPE gathered for drinks, bites and chats, meanwhile, exploring and enjoying Microsoft technologies.


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    Darren Perera
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