• Industry Coalition Highlights Remaining Concerns with Material Efficiency Requirements in Display Regulation

    5 September 2017Following the July Consultation Forum where the European Commission presented its revised approach for the Ecodesign display regulation, DIGITALEUROPE together with other seven industry associations highlights remaining concerns with certain material efficiency provisions.

    On 6 July, the European Commission conveyed a consultation forum meeting to discuss the display energy labelling regulation. The meeting was also used as an opportunity to present and discuss the Commission’s revised approach pertaining to the Ecodesign display regulation following the better regulation consultation and the WTO notification process.
    DIGITALEUROPE together with CECED, COCIR, CTA, EHI, ITI, KEA and JBCE welcome the Commission’s revised scope proposal, which now covers the full range of stand-alone displays and excludes displays integrated in other types of products. The announced shift of focus from the initial gluing and welding restrictions to a technology-neutral requirement concentrating on the removability of components for selective treatment irrespective of the employed joining, fastening or sealing techniques is also welcomed.
    Industry strongly supports the transition towards a circular economy and fully agrees with the Commission’s approach to introduce resource/material efficiency requirement in Ecodesign implementing acts. However, it is imperative that this process safeguards the principles of better regulation, and that those types of requirements undergo appropriate assessment.  In particular, concerns persist with the requirement to disclose detailed information on dismantling operations in that it could cause liability issues, security and potential brand damage for manufacturers. Similarly, there are still concerns about the significant financial and administrative burden associated with the identification and tracking of material/chemical presence in hardware products.
    DIGITALEUROPE looks forward to further engaging with all relevant stakeholders in the remaining steps of the process.

    Read the joint industry paper on the proposed material efficiency requirements in the ecodesign display regulation.


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