• DIGITALEUROPE sends letter to Parliament on Privacy Shield Resolution

    18 April 2017On 5 April, DIGITALEUROPE sent a letter to Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”) urging them to vote against the proposed resolution on the EU-US Privacy Shield, which was voted on the following day.

    The draft resolution contained a number of damaging statements that could seriously disrupt cross-border commerce and harm European businesses if approved by a wide majority.

    In its letter, DIGITALEUROPE stressed that the Privacy Shield does not just advance business interests, but also delivers strong protections for the personal data of European citizens. We noted that the commitments underpinning the Privacy Shield framework have not been altered nor has there been a determinative finding of any kind, by any authority or court, that either US or EU legal system has changed in a way to undermine the Privacy Shield. We stressed that until the 2017 annual review is completed, it would be premature for the European Parliament to assess the Privacy Shield.

    You can find DIGITALEUROPE’s letter here


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