• Industry coalition sends letter on ePrivacy Regulation legislative timeline

    17 March 2017On 15 March, the Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP), which DIGITALEUROPE is a member of, sent a letter to the European Commission, European Parliament and Member State Governments calling for the co-legislators to take the necessary time and caution in evaluating the impact of the proposed ePrivacy Regulation (ePR).

    In the letter, ICDP noted that in its current form the ePR risks having far reaching consequences on how electronic communications and many online services operate in the EU. In light of this, ICDP noted that the answer to addressing the complex problems found within the ePR is not a speedy adoption of the legislation. Proper examination and scrutiny will be indispensable to finding a working solution that will create a framework that enables innovation and investment in Europe both today and in the future
    You can find the ICDP letter here


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