New Web platform offering open acceleration service to entrepreneurs accross the EU

DIGITALEUROPE is working with several European partners to develop the first Europe-wide Web platform that collects a 

wide range of services - known as acceleration services - which are designed to aide entrepreneurs as they start businesses in Europe. 

OpenAxel is one of the projects funded by the EC under the Startup Europe initiative to help ICT companies accelerating their business growth through internationalization and support them with coaching, mentoring etc.

In addition to bringing together a wide range of players from the acceleration business and the IT sector (including experienced entrepreneurs, investors and professional advisers), OPENAXEL itself seeks out the best entrepreneurial talent in Europe through two startup competitions (one in 2014 and one in 2015) to select the 60 most promising start-ups in Europe.

DIGITALEUROPE brings innovation stakeholders closer to its members

Cooperation between  European’s startups and corporate accelerators should be improved.

OpenAxel (Open Acceleration across Europe) has over the past years connected 5.000+ European entrepreneurs with industry innovators and accelerators. The aim of the initiative is to support the growth and sustainability of European start-ups and entrepreneurs. Opportunities are rife with a market of over 500 million people, together with a digital single market offering enhanced business solutions such as cloud bases services and access to finance.

OpenAxel is one of the projects funded by the EU under the Startup Europe initiative to help ICT companies accelerating their business growth through internationalisation and cross-border financing. OpenAxel has analysed how start-ups and corporate can engage together and the role that accelerators can play in cementing these relationships. One underlying conclusions of the report is that corporate accelerators are out of step with start-ups and are too horizontal to support demand in specific sectors.

The results were discussed at in London on 27 May 2016 at Wayra UK. The event was opened by Luuk Borg from the European Commission. Brent Hoberman, CBE, founder on and delivered a key note speech followed by interventions from Nathalie Boulanger (Orange Fab), Alec Saunders (Microsoft Ventures), Axel Menneking (Deutsche Telekom) and Valerie Mocker (Nesta). Present were representatives from  BT, Barclays Bank, Virgin, Enel, Microsoft, Fonecta, Cisco, Finnair, Santander, Fortum Oyj, General Electric, AVIVA, BBVA, Visa, Merck and PwC. The results have also been published in a White paper which will soon be available on

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