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FIpedia is helping to create awareness and better understanding around the FIWARE Accelerator Program for startup ecosystem players.

The European Commission has launched the third phase of the Future Internet program, the FIWARE Accelerator Program, born out of a public-private partnership between the EU and 16 accelerators specialized in different strategic sectors of the European economy – including education, health, energy, transportation or smart cities. The program is a massive call for startups, web entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop innovative applications of public and social relevance.

Open calls, already available via 16 FIWARE Accelerators, will benefit more than 1,000 startups with funding up to €150,000 for each of them, in the form of direct grant – no equity or loan repayments required. Besides funding, the program will provide support and mentoring for greater agility in developing applications, and management cost savings. It will also give support in dissemination and transforming an idea into a commercial product for European and global markets. 

Fipedia.eu, supported by DIGITAL EUROPE, is the biggest private site to offer the most update information about the FIWARE Accelerator Program. FIpedia helps creating wider awareness and better understanding around the Program, and contributes to boost the European startup ecosystem. FIpedia also aims to provide hands-on support and templates for applicant, and become a platform for sharing experience and best practices around the program. We understand the great importance and vast dimension of the program, and it is our intention to contribute making it accessible to all startup ecosystem players. 

To find out more about FIpedia and the FIWARE Accelerator Program, please visit: http://www.fipedia.eu

For more information please contact:

       Gabor Vicze
Project Manager
gabor.vicze@digitaleurope.org / contact@fipedia.eu
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