Reinforcement of ICT Regulations and ICTs for tackling Societal Challenges in Europe and Mediterranean countries

Key objective: contribute to international cooperation between EU and MED countries in the field of ICT Regulations in support of H2020 Societal Challenges.

Funding Instrument: FP7-ICT-2013-10.3    

Duration: 24 months starting as of January 2014 

Summary: ClusMED aims at implementing cooperative research in the ICT sector through the identification, analysis and benchmarking of national ICT regulations, taking into consideration five targeted MED countries (Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco). The project is focussing on the role of regulations as enablers of development in the ICT sector: to this end, it will assess and compare the ICT regulatory frameworks currently operating in MED countries, with the aim of identifying and sharing best practices. 

MED ICT Regulations will also be benchmarked against some EU regulatory standards and experiences in overcoming barriers to the full exploitation of ICTs for tackling Societal Challenges. This objective will be mainly achieved through the implementation of Multi-stakeholders Workshops (starting in Autumn 2014) which will also contribute to the setting up of a permanent dialogue between European and Mediterranean countries as one of the key drivers of sustainable and inclusive growth. 
In order to maximize the impact and diffusion of project results, ClusMED will build synergies with other relevant initiatives concerning international cooperation with MED countries, in particular with MOSAIC and MED Dialogue, the other two projects resulting from the call “FP7-ICT-2011.10.3 International partnership building and support to dialogues” and with EMERG, the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group initiative. 
ClusMED will also establish a proper exchange of information with relevant ICT European Technology Platforms. More information and upcoming events related to the project are available at:

For more information please contact:

  Jonathan Murray
Director of Operations    


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