OPENSKIMR – Open European Skill Match Maker

There is a strong need to support effective (re)-training by matching the current knowledge of individuals with the most demanded labour market skills, and to suggest possible learning roadmaps that can enable European citizens to acquire the required knowledge and skills.

The EU-funded project OPENSKIMR addresses this issue by developing an intelligent algorithm which matches talents, jobs and the right education in our digital world. OPENSKIMR has the vision to be used as a tool that aims to accompany and support talents in their whole career as a life-long digital companion, based on its four pillars:

  • Skill match maker - Solves the skills mismatch in Europe’s ongoing Digitalisation
  • Career navigation - Gives students, high school kids, graduates and professionals orientation and navigates them through their career life
  • An open tool - National job agencies and other non-for-profit organizations around Europe can use it for free
  • Data mining - collect real time data and analytics about new skill requirements, skill gaps, job profiles, and talent preferences

The consortium members are: PDAgroup as business partner, MCI - Management Center Innsbruck, the entrepreneurial university with its academic background, and Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. with the right educational and media production know-how. The work is supported by DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet as subcontractors.

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  Jonathan Murray
Director of Operations   
Katarzyna Koziol
Project Officer