Practical programmes that can help make our vision a reality

A range of practical activities that bring our vision closer. We marshall the tremendous know-how and resources of our members to deliver real benefit, often working with a wide range of other stakeholders.

DIGITALEUROPE is currently engaged in several programmes:

Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

Globalisation and the digital revolution have transformed Europe’s economies. Job seekers today must be literate when it comes to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). They must build basic digital skills to compete in a global marketplace. The economic crisis has shown, however, that European labour lags behind in digital skills. The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition mobilises companies, non-for profit organisations, educational providers, social partners and Member States in Europe who work together to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe. The aim is to ensure that everyone acquires the digital skills they need to remain productive and employable and included.



Digital in Practice Programme (DiPP)

DIGITALEUROPE strongly supports the strategy of the European Commission to unleash the potential of cloud computing in Europe.

  • Digital in Practice Programme (DiPP)       


eCF Alliance 

eCF Alliance aims to create a transnational partnership between the major players responsible for IT professionals’ enhancement, namely employers, professional associations, social partners, VET providers, higher education, research centres, regulatory bodies, and SMEs, across Europe.