Privacy and Security

Privacy and security have become increasingly important topics for citizens and business in Europe and around the world in the past years. DIGITALEUROPE's privacy & security group is focusing on the key areas of data protection and cybersecurity. 
On data protection, DIGITALEUROPE is actively engaged in developing common industry agreements on how to balance the opportunities and challenges which result from the rich variety of activities that depend on data collection and processing. The data protection framework needs to strike the right balance between an adequate protection of consumers and the need for European business to flourish to provide growth and jobs. By creating conditions for privacy and innovation, a robust, balanced and future-proof framework could boost economic and social growth.
DIGITALEUROPE is also actively contributing to the ongoing debate on Big Data and the significant economic and societal potential of Data Analytics. The European Commission published the Communication “Towards a data-driven thriving economy” in July 2014. Big data brings opportunities and benefits for both citizens and businesses which the European Union needs to embrace. DIGITALEUROPE is working to highlight the economic and societal benefits that big data can bring.
On cybersecurity, DIGITALEUROPE is actively engaged in the discussion towards the proposed European Cyber Security Strategy and NIS Directive to ensure the strengthening of cybersecurity and to achieve a common level of network and information security within Europe. The Internet is at the centre of our economy and our daily lives. The number of connected devices could reach 50 billion by 2020. A cyberspace where risks are minimised and users feel safe is therefore crucial. As with the data protection package, the adoption and implementation of a balanced and comprehensive security legislative framework is essential to building trust in technological development, empowering consumers online and for society to truly profit from innovative technologies. 

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