Standardisation & Interoperability Group

The Standardisation and Interoperability (S&I) working group investigates and evaluates technical and regulatory issues with regard to standardisation and market access policies, particularly within Europe.  The group actively engages and contributes to European standardisation policy and collaborates with international standards organisations. DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the new European Standardisation Framework as adopted in 2012 and the related setup on the ICT Multi-Stakeholder-Platform (MSP). The MSP is tasked to evaluate and recognise technical specifications by international fora and consortia which then can be referenced by public procurers throughout the EU. 

ICT Multi-Stakeholder-Platform

DIGITALEUROPE actively participates in the recently setup ICT Multi-Stakeholder-Platform (MSP) and its various activities and task forces. The MSP is among other tasks responsible for the “Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation”. This guidance document includes a multi-annual overview of the needs for ICT standardisation to undertake in support of the EU policy activities and complements the Annual Union Work Programme for European Standardisation. On 3 Februray 2015, the currrent Rolling Plan was published, with DIGITALEUROPE members providing input to the comprehensive document. 

ICT Standards event - 21 May 2014

Please see below some links which summarise what happened on the 21 May 2014 in our event.

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1_Dirk Weiler, Chairman of the ETSI GA
2_Rebekka Porath, Chair DIGITALEUROPE S&I Working Group

3_Rigo Wenning, Legal Counsel, W3C