Communications & Networks Regulation Group

DIGITALEUROPE’s Market Regulation group is focusing on the following key areas: the review of the EU regulatory framework governing Europe's electronic communications sector – the Connected Continent package - and the issue of Internet governance. 
DIGITALEUROPE supports the creation of a single market for telecommunications with the freedom to provide and consume digital services across the European Union. Legislation needs to encourage investment in telecoms networks and infrastructure both of which are crucial in supporting and boosting the economy. 
Moreover, we believe that an open Internet is a critical underpinning of a modern, innovative, digitally-powered European single market. Rules on net neutrality must be future-proof, flexible and technology-neutral to permit the development of new services and business models. Europe needs its network operators to innovate and offer both internet access services and other value-added specialised services.
Regarding Internet Governance, DIGITALEUROPE calls for an unfragmented Internet, governed through a multi-stakeholder approach the multi-stakeholder approach. Moreover, we welcome the European Commission’s call for the globalisation of core Internet decisions and structures such as ICANN, which must allow for a strong engagement of all stakeholders on an equal footing.