Data protection


In January 2012, the European Commission launched two legislative proposals on data protection, a Regulation for the commercial use of data and a Directive on the law enforcement aspects. The Regulation, once approved, would replace the current Data Protection Directive of 1995. The European Parliament adopted its position in March 2014. Negotiations in the Council will continue throughout 2015.


DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the European Commission’s ambition to create a single, harmonised and modern set of data protection rules. Europe has a historic opportunity for global leadership with a regulation that both renews its commitment to privacy and embraces data innovation and our members are heavily committed to data protection. 
Given the rich variety of activities that depend on data collection and processing and the ever higher and more sophisticated expectations of consumers for tailored online services, DIGITALEUROPE supports a balanced regulation that adequately protects consumers while at the same time allows European business to flourish and to provide the jobs and growth needed. By creating conditions for both privacy and innovation to flourish, a revised EU data protection framework that is robust, balanced and future-proof could boost economic and social growth.

DIGITALEUROPE is a founding member of the Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP) which brings together 20 leading trade associations representing a broad spectrum of European, American and Asian businesses.