Consumer Policy Group

DIGITALEUROPE's consumer policy group aims to ensure that consumer policy proposals are workable at a technical level, and that they protect consumers in a meaningful way.
The opportunities that digital technologies offer to consumers are countless. DIGITALEUROPE believes emphasis should be placed on these unprecedented societal opportunities and the economic gains that our sector can bring to European citizens. We believe digital technologies can help empower consumers by putting them in control. Our industry is committed to constantly building and maintaining trust with consumers in order to give them the rights, responsibilities, and the tools to exercise them.
EU policies need to reflect that regulation should be principle-based to keep pace with innovation. In this context, self- and co-regulation play an important role to quickly adapt and best fit the volatile consumer expectations.  Future EU consumer policy must aim to complete the single market, to avoid cross-border regulatory fragmentation and confusion for consumers and businesses, and to ensure that businesses remain free to determine their own strategy to provide high level services to consumers. 
Finally, DIGITALEUROPE believes that awareness raising campaigns on consumer rights and e-literacy, are of outmost importance to ensure that all consumers can be fully empowered by the tools that today’s and tomorrow’s innovative technology offers them. 

IRIS: International Repair Information System

In 1994, the EACEM (European Association for Consumer Electronics Manufacturers) started activities via the EASSC (European After-Sales Service Committee) to promote a universal coding system, called IRIS, and a common Warranty claim form throughout Europe. An official Recommendation was issued in 1995.

DIGITALEUROPE members actively update and manage the IRIS Repair Coding System.
Please contact to get connected to the IRIS Steering Committee.

IRIS Training Material:

  • IRIS, Why and How: A basic introduction. Please click here.
  • A new full version of the latest IRIS code and all translations (version 6.14) is available for download as a Excel database here.
  • IRIS Course: A basic training course on the contents and use of IRIS. Please click on the link for the training COURSE.
  • IRIS Quick Information: A quick reference code. Please click here.

A full PDF version of the IRIS table (BG Version 6.14), including all translations, may be downloaded below in 16 languages.

















Explanatory presentation for the extended codes in version 6.6:

English German Italian

DIGITALEUROPE Warranty Claim Format

The DIGITALEUROPE Warranty Claim Format is designed to be used as a standardised claim format between electronics manufacturers and repair services. It currently exists in an older format (v 1.1) and an update and enlarged new format (v 2.0), it is advisable to use the most recent format:

DSDF - DIGITALEUROPE Service Data Format

The DIGITALEUROPE Service Data format is destined for usage as a data framework between all parties involved in after sales services, manufacturers, repair services, logistics.

This IRIS code structure is also developed for usage of white goods. For more information about white goods organisation, please refer to the APPLiA (former CECED) Website and read the press release.

Further online support for IRIS code text phrase search and download of all related documents is available at

In September 2016, DIGITALEUROPE, together with other 14 other industry associations in Europe released an infographic explaining why products and services are not sold everywhere in the EU. Click here to download it.