Our Work

Digital Consumer Policy Group

Digital Enterprise Policy Group

The Digital Enterprise Policy Group (DEPG) works to ensure that the ongoing progress of technology is fully leveraged through the creation of the  European single market, and specifically the European Digital Single Market. The Digital Enterprise Policy Group advocates the crucial importance of digital technololgy for the European economy, for job creation, for growth as well as for fiscal stability.

Digital Sustainability Policy Group

The Digital Sustainability Policy Group (EPG) promotes the role of the ICT industry in its own sustainable growth. 

Digital Technology & Innovation Policy Group

The Digital Technology & Innovation Group works to identify and address the barriers to technical harmonisation and the obstacles hindering the development of the European digital technology industry. The group provides technical expertise that aids in the harmonised introduction of emerging technologies in the European digital economy.

Digital Trade Policy Group

The Digital Trade Policy Group's general objective is to achieve free, balanced, open, and fair trade. This is critical to the ICT industry as it provides increased market access worldwide, promotes innovation, promotes efficiency and productivity gains, encourages the free flow of ideas, and enables Europe to attract innovators from around the world.


Practical programmes that can help make our vision a reality. A range of practical activities that bring our vision closer. We marshall the tremendous know-how and resources of our members to deliver real benefit, often working with a wide range of other stakeholders.

DIGITALEUROPE is currently engaged in several programmes. 

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